JJ Softwear arranges for the development of different types of samples like prototype, pre-production, photo sample, size-set, arrangements of approval for samples and patterns, grading to all required size range and size-sets and production markers. JJ Softwears ensures the customers with garment samples as per designs developed by partnering manufacturers in Tirupur. Our partnering companies are well equipped with facilities like sample dyeing, sample printing, washing and processing facilities. They provide samples to the customer for selection. These finished garment samples are sent to the customer for approval.

Availability of the sampling process in manufacturing companies helps us in providing the customer with a wide variety of choices at the minimal possible cost to the companies. The garment making process starts only after the samples are approved by the customer. Different processes of sampling are involved for products going to different market segments. Our above-mentioned capabilities give us an advantage over other garment exporters.