Order Progress Process

The order has been received for same products for which quotation/offer was sent.
Size and specifications are also as per quotation/offer. Unit measurement needs to be specified as well. It could be numbers, volume, or weight.
Ordered quantity both in words and figures. This is essential to leave out any room for confusion.

Pre-shipment inspection is as per agreed in pro forma invoice. Pre-shipment inspection can be done by

  • Exporter
  • Inspection by exporter nominated agency
  • Inspection by importer nominated agency
  • Export Inspection Agency (EIA) GOI authorized agency

Payment conditions are same as stipulated.
The order must provide all the details relating to kind of packaging required including the labels and the marks to be put up. The instructions have to be explicit specifying requirements in full details as there could be separate labels for the articles and for packaging.
Shipment and delivery date is in conformity with the exporters production plan.
Documents required are in conformity with those mentioned in pro forma invoice.
Generally following documents are required:

  • Bill of Exchange
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Insurance Policy/Certificate